KME Swiss AG (Switzerland) is a producer of the cloud-based analytical system KME-ERI™.

Since 2005, using a license, KME Systems are produced in Slovakia KME-Slovakia, s.r.o. (Slovensko) Since 2018, using a license, KME-ERI Systems have been produced in Ukraine by Kutsenko A.N.

Due to close cooperation of scientists and doctors, engineers and IT specialists, we have an opportunity to develop and offer new products that are maximally oriented towards health needs.

Company objectives

Development and implementation of the R&D programs.

Organization and coordination of scientific research in the field of active longevity.

Training and instruction of users of the KME technology.

Promotion for international cooperation of system user and interested parties.

Protection of rights and interests of members of the Association for Ecology and Health.

Solving the set tasks in the most user safe, efficient and available way.

Company tasks

  • Get with the times, develop quickly.

  • Study the latest technology in the field of active longevity.

  • Develop theoretical framework in the field of active longevity to achieve maximum in this area.

  • Implement innovations, develop new ideas, and experiment.

  • Participate in development and implementation of the international scientific programs and projects in the field of active longevity.

  • Involve R&D specialists in the field of active longevity.

  • Provide scientific and methodological and information support of R&D in the field of active longevity.

  • Develop R&D projects and programs in cooperation with the international R&D centers.

  • Conduct the PR-campaigns and implement the methods and principles active longevity in practice.

  • Participate in the Age-Less, Anti-Age, Pro-Age exhibitions and conferences for the purposes of promotion of the results achieved.

  • Facilitate the advancement of the KME user qualification.

  • Organize lectures and seminars for users.

  • Publish scientific and theoretical articles and research work results in the specialized international journals.